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As it says in the title, this course is aimed at total beginner guitar players, focusing on getting you to the fun stuff quickly :) You will learn a variety of: -riffs -songs -chord shapes ...and even lead guitar lines! So there should be something for everyone and you will get a taste of some of the different styles and options when it comes to guitar playing. These beginner lessons are designed for either electric or acoustic guitars; whichever you are starting out on. This course was originally designed as a 5-week course; one song/riff per week. So I have chosen the music to suit a beginner who, ideally, will spend around 10-15mins per day practicing these. If you can do that, you should be able to get your hands round the song/riff in around a week. Of course, you can complete this course at your own pace and take as much time as you like :), that's just what I had in mind when preparing the lessons. While I haven't focused too much on Music Theory or Technique, there are little tips & tricks along the way, within the videos to help guide your. The lessons do vary in length, and tend to get slightly more challenging each time. My intention was to provide a course which encourages people just starting out to get playing songs as soon as possible, but at the same time make it challenging and engaging enough to keep things interesting! That's what I hope to achieve. It would be great to hear about your progress and experience with this class! I really wish you a smooth and fun introduction to guitar playing :)


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A quick intro and overview of the course

  • Absolute Beginner Guitar Course 1min 9sec

The perfect beginner riff.

  • Smoke On The Water 2min 51sec

Introducing chords and simple strumming patterns

  • Em chord / strumming 3min 24sec
  • G chord - easy 2min 19sec

Moving a riff around the fretboard, and using more fingers.

  • You Really Got Me 4min 7sec

Trying out a little lead guitar!

  • Wonderful Tonight 3min 36sec
  • Wonderful Tonight - Tips & Tricks 2min 47sec

Get strumming away at this classic track.

  • Love Me Do - part 1 3min 34sec
  • Love Me Do - part 2 3min 27sec
  • Love Me Do - part 3 4min 2sec
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Anna B

Founder, ABGuitar

Guitar & bass tutor with 15 years' experience


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